Album Release late October/Early November 2023

...stay tuned for exact date!

The Re-birth Of A Singer-Songwriter

There was nothing quite like the pure joy and thrill I experienced back in my 20's writing, singing and performing my original songs and having the themes and emotions of my lyrics and music resonate with audiences.  And although for various reasons, I left to pursue other opportunities outside of the music industry for quite awhile,  I never lost my love and passion for the art of creating and expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions through the art of song.  I am beyond thankful and blessed to have this opportunity to return to the musical "arena" at this stage of life.  Age is indeed a number, cliche as that sounds, but there are unique advantages to re-starting something with years of life experience in your rear view mirror.  Perspective, hopefully some wisdom and a great deal more understanding and acceptance of other's journeys.  To those of you who are supporting me in this endeavor (family, friends, mentors, fellow musicians,  and of course "groupies" lol) I can't express enough how much the encouragement truly means to me.   And lastly, if nothing else, I sincerely hope my journey motivates others to embrace the "it's never too late" mindset and truly seize those moments before their next trip around the sun.  Carpe Diem!

I'm Not To Blame - Single released October 1st 2023

November 2023 TBD - Album Release